Season One

Women of the court of Isabella The 1st (in progress) 

Isabelle of Portugal Queen of Castile

The Mad Queen. 

Isabella Married into Castilian royality at 19 where she fought evil advisors and gave birth to two children. She suffered a massive mental health crisis that continued for the rest of her life. She relied heavily on her faith and passed that onto her daughter Isabelle I which continued to Katherine of Aragon and eventually Mary I of England. 

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Juana La Beltraneja Queen of Portugal

The Bastard.

Supposedly the daughter of King Enrique "el impotente" of Castile, Juana is universally known from the moment she's born to be a bastard. However, the king recognizes her and wants her to succeed him. Juana marries into the portugese royal family and enters into a civil war with her aunt Isabella for control of Castile. 

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Isabella the 1st, Queen of Castile

The Catholic Monarch. 

After a long civil war and a marriage to her cousin, Isabella is crowned as the queen regnant of Castile. She ushered in an age of women leaders, started the trend of extensively educating daughters, and proved to the world that women were capable of eing leaders. 

She also started the spanish inquistion, banished muslims and jewish people, and funded Christopher Columbus. 

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Isabella of Argon, Queen of Portugal

The Romantic 

Isabella was the first and favorite child of Isabella I of Castile. She was raised watching her mother as the warrior queen up close in personal. She was taken close enough to battle lines that she often found herself in danger. As she grew, Isabella married the heir to Portugal and fell madly, intensly in love with him. He died shortly later leaving Isabella unelievably devastated. She decided that she would never marry again, prefering to enter a nunnery. Her parents however, decided that wasn't to be her fate. 

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Maria of Aragon, Queen of Portugal

The Forgotten 

Maria lived her life as the middle chid who always seemed to be forgotten and used as backup or support for another sibling. She was first engaged to Jmaes IV of Scottland in hopes that she could keep the peace between Scottland and England where her youngest sister Katherine was queen. However when her oldest sister Isabella died in childbirth she was forced to change directions and marry her sister's widow, becoming queen of Portugal. 

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Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy

The Archduchess 

At the age of 3 Margaret was engaged to the dauphin of France and raised to be the next queen France. At the age of 11 her fiance called it all off and she was single again. Margaret married into the Castilian royal family at the age of 17 and was now set to be the next queen of Castile and Aragon. Tragically her new husand passed away shortly after. She was left pregnant but the baby was stillorn. She was heartroken, but her story was just beginning. 

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Women of Early Tudor Court (coming soon)

Elizabeth Woodville

Commoner Queen 

Margaret Beaufort

First Tudor Mornarch 

Elizabeth of York

Margaret Tudor

Mary Tudor

Katherine Willoughby

Francis Grey

Legacy of The Mad Queen(coming soon)

Juana the 1st, Queen of Castile and Aragon

Isabella of Austria, Queen of Denmark

Catherine of Austria, Queen of Portugal

Eleanor of Austria, Queen of Portugal

Mary of Austria, Queen of Hungary and bohemia

Wives of Henry the 8th (coming soon)

Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England

Anne Boleyn, Queen of England

Jane Seymour, Queen of England

Anne of Cleaves, Queen of England

Katherine Howard, Queen of England

Katherine Parr, Queen of England

Women of Late Tudor Court(coming soon)

Jane Grey

Katherine Grey

Mary Grey

Mary the 1st, Queen of England

Elizabeth the 1st, Queen of England